Yellow Rose of Texas

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An award-winning investigative journalist, Denise McVea is known for her dedication to underserved communities.  McVea's reporting through the years has brought about important social change for disenfranchised communities. As a reporter for The Oregonian newspaper in the 1990s, she was the first journalist to investigate and report mismanagement and human rights violations in the Portland Immigration and Naturalization Service Office.  Subsequent coverage of those issues eventually earned the newspaper a Pulitzer Prize.  In Dallas, she advocated for poor and minority communities by uncovering discrimination and bias in the county jail system and the city housing departments.  As a New Voices Fellow in Human Rights and International Cooperation (2001-2003), she helped bring national and international media attention to issues affecting indigenous tribes in the U.S. and Latin America.  Fluent in Spanish, she has assisted poor communities in Mexico for more than six years under the auspices of the Auris Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping poor and otherwise marginalized communities access important rights and development information.

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Denise McVea